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Object Recognition

Intelligent Alarm Filter

False alarms from surveillance cameras can act like a DoS attack on alarm control centers under certain weather conditions. In collaboration with the Securitas Group and WSH, we developed an AI system that can still recognize genuine alarms even when perpetrators are only visible as shadowy movements, while largely automatically sorting out false alarms.

Tram Assistance System

Even newer trams often hardly have any advanced assistance systems and are expected to be in service for many decades. As a result, the self-driving tram seems a distant reality in many places. In collaboration with BSAG, we have developed a prototype retrofit system that enables Level 2-3 autonomy for existing trams.

Football Video Analysis with AI

In collaboration with a Bundesliga club, we are developing AI methods for the automatic extraction of information from football videos as part of two master’s theses. This includes the detection of ball actions, player speed and the tracking of players and the ball.

Control of KUKA Robots

For a major car manufacturer, we developed an AI-based camera system that allows KUKA robots to locate their targets much more accurately and reliably than the previously used rule-based methods of edge and corner detection.

Edge AI

BREMEN ROBOTICS combines IOT devices with excellent image processing solutions for edge AI systems. These systems are used in trams, automobiles and industrial environments, among others.