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Process Automation

AI-Assistant for Employees

Our AI assistant offers a user-friendly chat interface with easy access to complex data sources and software components. One of our largest customers, for example, uses such an assistant to quickly respond to product inquiries and technical support questions during customer calls. The AI assistant searches through product catalogs, FAQs and manuals in the background to find quick and accurate answers. This enables new employees to become experts in the shortest possible time.

Report Generation from Audio Recordings

In collaboration with a large hospital group, we have developed a prototype that can create professional medical reports from hours of recordings. At the beginning of each treatment, the patient and doctor conduct an extended anamnesis interview which has already been recorded using a room microphone. Up to now, this recording had to be listened to again by medical staff to create a written anamnesis report. Our AI reliably transcribes and creates this report independently, adhering precisely to the specified format so that it can be immediately reviewed by the patient.

Classification and Extraction of arbitrary Documents offers a robust platform for document classification and information extraction. Using AI-driven methods, independently, quickly, and securely processes incoming mail and transmits it to the responsible personnel.

Telephone Automation

botario is the platform for automating your customer communication: Using the latest LLM technologies, it enables the creation of multilingual, secure, and GDPR-compliant chat and telephone bots. botario offers all the features necessary for an enterprise customer service: Live chat with video telephony, integration with backend systems, statistics & controlling, role-based access management and much more.