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Data Analysis

Predictive Maintenance in Road Traffic

Our driver assistance system not only increases road safety but is also equipped with various sensors that detect any wear and bumps while driving. It identifies the smallest changes in the sensor data at an early stage so that emerging problems can be rectified in good time. This not only prevents accidents, but also reduces vehicle wear and tear in the long term.

Analysis of Telephone Calls

We developed an AI system for a mobile service provider that analyzes customer service calls to clarify content and topics, segment calls and detect escalations as well as fraud attempts. In addition, we extended this solution with a topic analysis for a sales team to identify their main concerns and explore automation opportunities.

MLOps Platform for Sensor Data from the International Space Station

In the (K)ISS project, we have developed an MLOps platform to work with sensor data from the International Space Station (ISS). With our flexible solution large amounts of data can be processed and algorithms for detecting anomalies, analyzing causes and suggesting reconfigurations can be developed.

Auditing in the Healthcare Sector

Accounting within the German healthcare system is governed by complex guidelines, making the issuance of incorrect invoices a common occurrence in the hectic daily routine. Due to the high financial risk associated with improper invoicing, dedicated personnel are often assigned to verify invoices in hospitals, health insurance companies, and associations of statutory health insurance physicians. Our AI alleviates this burden by learning from past corrections, identifying anomalies, and alerting human auditors to potential errors.