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Knowledge Management

Semantic Product Search

A good search function is essential in e-commerce, especially with millions of items, often imprecise queries and incomplete product data. The AI behind our semantic search comprehends queries contextually – even in specialized B2B sectors – and finds the correct items quickly and reliably. It learns from past interactions, allowing it to handle missing information effortlessly.

Archive Digitization

For a health insurance company, we converted an archive containing millions of documents into searchable PDF/A documents and indexed them. The archive had grown over many years and included numerous scans and fax files, as well as various outdated file formats and some password-protected files. Together with the insurance company, we developed a conversion platform and tested it with a multitude of cases. Now, the entire archive can be quickly searched by keywords using an indexing search.

Geodata Twin

For LGV Hamburg, we developed an AI software that scans websites, emails, and official announcements for relevant changes in the Hamburg area. It understands and localizes these changes to keep a digital geodata twin of the city up to date.

Internal FAQ bots & corporate Assistants

Many companies have extensive collections of texts, expertise, templates, and how-to articles, which can be difficult for new employees to locate. Using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), these resources can be quickly and easily accessed through a chat interface. This approach creates a personalized GPT model that can answer company-related questions by referring to reliable sources. Additionally, it can assist with tasks such as composing or correcting emails, while adhering to company policies and style guidelines.