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Optimization and Control

Visual Quality Inspection of Injection Molded Parts

Previously, the quality assurance of complex 3D injection molded parts could only be reliably performed by humans. To address this, we have developed a generic camera system that analyzes the parts from all angles during free fall, using advanced Deep Learning methods to reliably detect anomalies.

Process Control in the Industry

Thanks to our object recognition technology, we are able to immediately identify errors in processes and initiate immediate corrections. One example of this is our innovative solution that precisely detects whether the correct component has been placed on a conveyor belt. In addition, this system significantly reduces the workload for employees by freeing them from the tedious task of manually counting objects on the conveyor belt.

Optimization in Order Picking

For one of our customers, we digitized the picking process and integrated an AI to optimize the packing sequence. This was learned from historical data and enables new employees to pick efficiently and safely, just like experienced employees. In a further step, we are continuously optimizing the process by regularly evaluating and adapting the AI suggestions.

Intelligent Route Planning

We have developed an innovative route planning platform using AI technologies that creates efficient routes considering constraints such as quotas, team compositions and location assignments. Our goal is to continuously expand the platform to cover a wider range of optimization criteria and effectively take all user preferences into account.